Plugins included with Quickweb Shared Offerings (non-extensive list)

Influnic has thoroughly tested these plugins to save you time and effort. They are pre-installed on all shared offerings -except for WooCommerce plugins, which are exclusive to our online store offerings-

We ensure these plugins are consistently updated, enhancing the security, reliability, and performance of your site.

All Quickweb Shared Offerings

Blocksy Companion: Import designs and enable extensions to improve your site’s customer experience.

Blocksy PRO license enables advanced design functionalities and is available on selected offerings

Landing Pages: Create landing pages for your marketing campaigns with theme-independent layout and style, add forms, widgets, logos and more.

Duplicate Menu: Easily duplicate any menu on your site.

Media Library Assistant: Provides a set of tools and configuration to extend the base WordPress media management and associated views.

SMTP plugin: configure your outbound email with any smtp provider, including AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Email Template: Design and apply a professional-looking template for all your outbound email. Compatible with SMTP Plugin.

SEO Plugin: Provides a set of tools to maximise the reach of your site on search engines (e.g. Google) by recommending actions to improve its metadata and structure.

Forms plugins: Create contact, quote request, registration or login forms, polls and quizzes. Can also create custom forms with captchas, freeform html, consent fields and payment details.

Translation plugin: automatically translate your site to any language

GDPR & Privacy laws compliance

Quickweb eCommerce Shared Offerings

WooCommerce: eCommerce plugin. Manage products, subscriptions, customers, and get detailed insights on your store’s evolution.

Payments plugin: integrated with WooCommerce and ready to be configured for your business.

Filters plugin: Configure filters for products, posts, pages and landing pages. Add the filters widget to your site’s frontend to enable your users to use them.

Product Addons: Add extra fields/forms to WooCommerce products.

Dropshipping plugin(*): Connect with our dropshipping partner to integrate thousands of customizable products. Activation upon request, retail consultancy agreement and additional fees apply.