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About Quickweb

Quickweb delivers a streamlined web platform, enabling you to launch a website or online store in minutes!

Customize colors, layouts, pages and posts, headers, footers, menus and much more!

We offer comprehensive support, including all necessary infrastructure, domain registration, and automatic updates, so you can focus on running and growing your business!

Our offerings

Shared offerings

Shared offerings provide a cost-effective solution with scalability options, a selection of productivity and design tools, and a custom URL under

Dedicated Offerings

A WordPress server with dedicated CPU, storage and memory, and your own domain name. We manage the underliying infrastructure and perform the initial server setup, including domain name research and configuration.

Additional services

You can subscribe to Quickweb and hire our Consultancy Services afterwards if you'd like us to help with customization, data load, day-to-day store administration, advanced systems and more. Request it here now!

Check here the plugins included on Quickweb shared offerings.

Influnic has thoroughly tested these plugins to save you time and effort. They are pre-installed on all shared offerings -except for WooCommerce plugins, which are exclusive to our online store offerings- We ensure these plugins are consistently updated, enhancing the security, reliability, and performance of your site.

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